Move Over Florals, Art Prints Are Moving In!

Let’s face it, not everyone was into the spring trend of floral prints.

I for one love different prints, including floral, but luckily this season brings forth plenty of other gorgeous options. I’m particularly fond of the brushstroke prints as seen on the runway at Celine. It reminds me of a beautifully painted art canvas. The feeling I get when I look at them makes me feel dramatic and cheerful.

This season is full of bold prints! Whenever you’re working with dramatic art prints,it goes without saying that you might want to tone them down with jeans and simple accessories.


I absolutely adore how she mixed the brush-stroked print with this striped skirt! This makes mixing prints this season so much fun. Notice how she did not over accessorize because the bold print speaks for itself.


I love how she went for a more urban-funky, yet fun look for this season’s trend, also adding the handbag accessory really gave this look a bit of a pop!
This lovely A-Line dress inspired by this season’s print can be found at Calvin Klein.
From runways to sidewalks! Wearing this trend will always make a bold statement.
This season, the spring shows served as a canvas for designers to act as artists and showcase their fine art spin using painterly prints and patterns, and bold brushstrokes in order to bring real works of art to life on the runway.

 So what do you think of this season’s new trend? Maybe it’s time you gave your wardrobe a touch of these trendsetting prints!

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